Ver la versión completa : ¿Otro Matilda en camino?

José Silva
26/04/2009, 22:14
Esta vez de ICM:


Tenía entendido que lo habían cancelado, pero bueno... A ver si sale... Un saludazo.

Alvaro Garcia Truchuelo
28/04/2009, 16:36
Es una noticia vieja si sigues el post que trae dice que se ha cancelado...

jimbrae SAID
Mick, I suggest you look at the Report i've just posted - ICM's Matilda has now been cancelled...
Heatseeker64 SAID
Damn ...
Valerka SAID
For sure, they didn`t like them, but if you could chose what will be chosen KV or T-34 or Grant? )))))))))))))))))))))))
Valerka SAID
It is very sad news (((((((((((((((((( As i can see, ICM`s Matilda looks much better, also it would be much cheaper!
neinmonia SAID
Why cancelled? Surely to get this far means something is offered??????