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Stupino-2016 (Russia)

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  • Stupino-2016 (Russia)

    Dear friends-in-hobby,

    I am pleased to invite you to participate in the 10th Stupino scale-models ehxibition-contest 2016!
    Exhibition will opened 6 August, but reception for contest will work till 18 August. We will place full set of information on our website and Facebook event as soon as possible, but you can ask us any question by personal message, email or phone.

    Report from 2015 (and older)
    Facebook event

    PS: We can arrange meeting at Moshon Show, where I can tell you more details about our event.
    PSS: I hope our spanish club member Cristobal Vergara Duran also can share his experience about trips to Russia.

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    Dear Ilya,

    If the level of excellence is similar to what I have seen from Russian modellers, here and in many other sites, this contest will be simply great! Unfortunately, I will not be able to go there to visit you, it is a bit too far for me...

    Kind regards


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      Dear Arturo,
      Thank you for warm words, but in Russia we usually say: "the trip begin only after first thousand kilometers".)) If you make a decision to join to our event you just need to book tickets for airplane to Moscow. Here we will meet you.

      I hope this year (if we will have foreign participants) we will organize tour to Kubinka museum and park Patriot, especially for Panzer-fans.


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        Спасибо за эту информацию.
        Многие модельеры пойдут на Мошон этого года.
        Кто-то может быть заинтересован в деятельности.
        Поздравляем по инициативе и разместить всю информацию о нем.
        Я жду, чтобы увидеть вас в ближайшее время в Panzernet с вашими работами или фотографии Вашего мероприятия.
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          I hope to have a lot of meetings in Moshon) thank you!


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            Wow! The plan you offer is really atractive, really.

            All the best success in this happening!


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              Originalmente publicado por Arturo Mayorga Ver Mensaje
              Wow! The plan you offer is really atractive, really.
              All the best success in this happening!
              Thanks. We are interested in foreign participants and visitors.


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                Hi Ilya:
                I saw your add for the Stupino 2016 Model Contest. I don’t travel to Moson but I’ll try go to Stupino again this year. The lastest year was an amazing trip and I don’t want to miss this year's edition. We are in contact.
                At soon. Cristobal Vergara

                PD: Ya sabéis: Es mi intención ir a Moscú de nuevo este año. Si alguien se quiere apuntar y pasárselo en grande que me envíe un correo.


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                  Its seems very interesting... I would like to participate but not sure... because i don't know if i can get days in my job...