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  • Stug Batterie 667

    Buenas a todos,he leído sobre las Stug Batterie 667 que en el año 1944 se le asignaron 14 panzer 2 para la defensa de los flancos ante la infanteria enemiga,las preguntas son:los panzer 2 el modelo cual seria ?los que tenemos en mente o podrian ser los Luchs? y existen fotos de los panzer 2 no Luchs en camuflaje tritono?lo he estado buscando y salvo un dibujo de uno en Kurs no encuentro nada .Un saludo a todos.

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    No especifica que tipo de pz II podrian ser F/G/L diria yo
    El que paga descansa y el que cobra...más¡¡¡


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      Dudo que fueran Ausf. L "Luchs". La mayoría de los Luchs fueron a la 9. y 4. Pz.Div., a sus batallones de reconocimiento. Unos pocos dispersos en otras unidades pequeñas. A saber:

      * 2.Panzer-Späh-Kompanie/Pz.Afkl.Abt.9. of 9.Pz.Div. who got a full company allocation of 29 vehicles on May 27 1943, assigned as follows: 1 for Kompanie C.O., and 7 Luchs' in the 4 platoons (28) operating in the East. By 26 Sept. this unit had been disbanded and by Oct. 1 all the Luchs' had returned to Germany for rebuild, due to defective triple steering radius units which had plagued them. This disbanded Luchs Kompanie was re-raised only a week later and moved back to the west as 1.Kompanie/Pz.Afkl.Abt.9 of 9.Pz.Div. and begun to be issued 25 refurbished and newly assembled Luchs' piecemeal, between 30.Sept.'43 and 11 March '44. They were now organised into 4 platoons of 6 vehicles with 1 for the Kompanie C.O. Though they somehow appear to acquire another one by July 1 '44 as they oddly list combat strength at 26 not 25 on this date just prior to their employment against the Normandy Bridgehead in July/August'44.
      * 2.Kompanie/Pz.Afkl.Abt.4. of 4.Pz.Div. also got full a company strength issue of 29 on Feb. 5 1943 and from other sources appear to operate only in Russia. They received 5 replacements which arrived on March 7 '44, followed by 3 on Sept. 3, 3 on Sept. 10, and 6 on Oct. 7.
      * The only other units reported in possession of them are 4.Kavallerie-Brigade who had 5 (with only 1 operational as at Dec.30 1944).
      * Plus "HG" Div. with 1 Luchs.
      * 3 were reported as being in the training and replacement units on March 1 1945

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